After the success of “the future begins”, Hugo Gélin brings together François Civil and Joséphine Japy in a romance fantasy. “My Unknown” is to be found in cinemas on April 3 next. Noticed in 2012 with the comedy As brothers, Hugo Gélin was attended by over 3.2 million spectators with Tomorrow it All Starts worn by Omar Sy. In My Unknown, it follows the character of Raphael, which is to be found the next day in a world where he never met Olivia, the woman of his life. But he is determined to reclaim that which has become a perfect unknown. The hero of My Unknown is camped by François Civil, that the French cinema is hard as it is to the poster of no less than four films in 2019. In addition to the Song of The wolf, already in the rooms, it may show up in what you believe with Juliette Binoche and the Two me, which marks his reunion with Cédric Klapisch and Ana Girardot after This that binds us. In front of him, the love of his life is embodied by Josephine Japy, view in Neuilly her mother ! and its sequel, Breathe by Mélanie Laurent or even France Gall in Cloclo. The duo is surrounded by Benjamin Lavernhe de la Comédie-Française, and Camille Lellouche. Capture d'screen Hugo Gélin and François Civil, recipient of the Male Interpretation Award at the Festival of the Alpe d’huez last January, had already collaborated on the short film The Case, as well as on the series Casting(s). My Unknown is an original screenplay by Hugo Gélin and Igor Gotesman, director of Five – in which we crossed… François Civil. The director wanted with this romantic comedy amidst the fantastic mix his French identity and its film culture is the anglo-saxon inspired by movies such as A day without end, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, It was time, Her and Life is beautiful. My Unknown out in cinemas on 3 April.

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It will have to wait until 2020 before returning to the hero of “Westworld”, but the filming comes to start ! Actress Evan Rachel Wood has revealed in a short video of its preparation, to say the least… amazing ! Fans of Westworld will know, he will need some patience before being able to discover the season 3 of the show pharaonic HBO, as it is expected in 2020. But the filming is about to start since the pre-production is already well underway. The evidence with Evan Rachel Wood, the interpreter from Dolores, who just posted on his Twitter account a short video showing it in full session of the molding of his body, as it must do each year. Welp. Sti officially my first day back at work on #Westworld getting my annual body cast made. Which means filming starts soooooooon. #SEASON3 #ITSHAPPENING #NOTADRILL — #EvanRachelWould (@evanrachelwood) February 8, 2019 The information on season 3 are evidently disclosed in the account-drop, but one already knows that Aaron Paul, Jesse from Breaking Bad, joined the troupe while the creators announced that it will be “radically different” that it is the same sort of “a new start”. This seems to confirm, between the lines, that the world of the western could be abandoned for a visit to another park Delos…

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With “Pearl”, Elsa Amiel sign a film that is captivating, without naturalism, on the bodybuilding through the prism of the intimate and feminine. We met the director of this first feature-length film and his heroine, Julia Föry, bodybuildeuse. AlloCiné : How you came up with the idea of making a film on the bodybuilding female ? Elsa Amiel, director of the Pearl : When I was looking for a subject for my first film, I wanted to pursue a matter that I had already asked in my first short films that were on the question of the body and the representation of the body. It turns out that by a happy chance, I saw an exhibition of Martin Schoeller has photographed a lot of celebrities and people in politics. He had done a series on the bodybuildeuses. I was intrigued by these photos : there was a mixture of repulsion and fascination. There was, of course, the contrast between what body disproportionate, and the ultra-femininity of these women. This raised the question of the genre, from the memory of the body they had been, the reality of this body… I told myself that I was going to go see on the side of bodybuilding. I had never been to a competition. I myself had never done weight training. I think I had a look a little bit like everyone, very outside and full of prejudices in this world, that is to say, I didn’t know that the images of the athletes on stage, smiles, frozen, muscles bandaged. Going to my first competition, I have to say that I was immediately caught up in the world and I felt like it inspired me, it was extremely rich. I questioned even to know why the world of cinema was not more seized. It was a field instead of blank. There had never been a heroin bodybuildeuse. It was very clear that I wanted to work around a female character, to question the forms of femininity. There it was the kingdom ideal to invent a story and create fiction. Is what you say that it is very different when one is a woman in the middle of bodybuilding ? I believe it is still very different from being a woman or being a man. It is seen obviously differently too. The men fabricate this body, and somewhere it meets what is expected of a man. These body disproportionate represent the strength, the power… These are not necessarily names that are appropriate to women, in any case, not right away. To women, being asked to be beautiful, and feminine. It does not respond to no canon of beauty, to any injunction of the company. Obviously they have a double battle. For them, it is their way of living their femininity but they are hardly seen like that, because even the federations of bodybuilding have stopped bodybuilding female, under the pretext that it gave a bad image of women. After having enjoyed their freedom to do what they wanted with their body, all of a sudden, we put everyone in “boxes” : men can be strong and women must be beautiful and so respond to the canons of femininity and beauty. Tall and Short-How have you found the athlete Julia Föry (see our video interview above), and you’re-you inspired it in real life to your scenario ? I met Julia two years before the shooting. She was already out of the competition, but at the time it was coach. She accompanied the athletes to a competition. The body vary greatly depending on whether you’re competing or not competing I had discussed with her because I was desperately searching for my heroine. I had met already a lot of people. She pleased me. It was something very joyful and a beautiful smile. And she was very much at hand, a little bit rock’n’roll. When we were ready to turn, I called her back, I did come in casting, were discussed. I was seduced by his sensitivity, his fragility, her femininity. In two years, his body had changed much, she had taken of the mass, it was very impressive. And then I felt that she was ready to make the film. When I told him the story, she said to me, but in fact, Pearl is me. It was like a reflection of the actress : this role is for me ! She has done so with great generosity, and above all, we talked a lot for the preparation. By knowing a little, I could see that actually, Lea Pearl was very close to her, so it was very written, but at the same time, she fed all the time the character. I wasn’t going to bring it on a terrain where it would not have felt comfortable. The important thing was just to keep its share of truth, to capture these moments of truth, moments of fragility, and at the same time, not letting go of the character.

How was the shooting ? You were saying that the mass can change quickly. Has there been a particular organization so that she can continue to train ? We took a little time to adjust with Julia because no one can fully measure what it means to work with an athlete of this level. At the outset, we said that she was going to bend to the organisation of a shoot, arrive in the morning, apply makeup, go on the board, cut lunch… It didn’t work for a long time like that. We had to of course bend to their needs, either 6 hours of training per day during the shooting. Thus we put in place a system that allowed him to go train in the morning before the preparation. Then it was a very long break and we were making plans without it. We managed to make plans to cut, create new sequences. She was going to train for 3 hours, she came back and she is re-prepared. We were shooting and she went on to train at the end of the day. We had organized the shooting as a function of time where it had to dry out and intensify the workout. It was important to respect his drive. Bodybuilding is his life. It was not that she lost the months of training, of sacrifice she had done before the shooting. Tall and Short there is a documentary approach with all the research you’ve done, and this search with it, but there is also an approach that is not naturalistic in the way you have filmed. I never thought about the documentary for this film. Fiction is my language. The only part documentary, truth, it is actually to work with an athlete who is Julia, and also the whole figuration that are true athletes based on what they are. It was important for me to also create a universe completely apart. The world of bodybuilding is often depicted in a way an amateur, a little creepy even, I would say. Because in Europe, this is not like the United States, there is not the same market around the bodybuilding. I thought it was important to give of the greatness of this event. Aim for the “bigger than life” : one goes there, one is stronger, one is more beautiful. It is in fact something serious. What interested me, it was to talk about the intimate. What is there behind this result ? That is what is at work in this body ? By what passe-t-on ? The suffering, the sacrifice… I’ve seen a world quite dark in fact. Not the show, the next a little lighter. I’ve seen something more profound, that I wanted to ask. It is constantly in the representation, but it raises questions of self-creation, self-control, of suffering, of enjoyment, of loneliness, of melancholy… Let’s see what’s happening behind the scenes rather than on stage. Tall and Short Have you considered at the outset, as it had been considered for the film Bodybuilder of Roschdy Zem, to call for an actress to go into bodybuilding ? My producers and all the people who are funding the film would have loved that I think of an actress to do the role ; to be a name in the casting. But at the same time, it was very lucid on the matter. It was also obvious that it was an integral part of the project to have a real athlete, first of all because obviously no actress can reach this level. This is years of work for the result you see on Julia. It is a great suffering, it is a diet very hard, and they are still results that are irreversible. Unless a actress has to really want to change careers and was with us from the beginning of the project, why not. But what interested me also, is that an athlete brings its share of truth. So it was quickly ruled out ; this was not it, the film. The trailer for Pearl : Pearl trailer VF interview in Paris on January 22, 2019

Sorties ciné : The Young Picasso, Freedom, Food Evolution… The discoveries of the week
Marvel’s The Punisher : a season 3 is possible ?

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Tomorrow belongs to us : what awaits you in episode 379 of Wednesday 16 January 2019 [SPOILERS]
Dragon Ball : did you know that the character of Goku was doubled by an 82 year old female ?

Anecdotes of the filming, memoranda, information movie fans : every week, check out the behind the scenes of the cinema. Chamboultout from Eric Lavaine With Alexandra Lamy, José Garcia, Michaël Youn… did you know ? Barbara Halary-Lafond is associated with the scenario of Chamboultout as the story is inspired by his own history without being an adaptation. In the movie, the book, published by Beatrice, as the characters depicted, are invented. Eric Lavaine borrowed sequences, or replicates the real life of Barbara, as for example the obsession that has Frederick to only think of eating or even his moments of lucidity about his situation. All the rest is an adaptation very free in the experience that she experienced. My Unknown trailer VF My unknown Hugo Gélin, François Civil, Joséphine Japy, Benjamin Lavernhe… did you know ? François Civil had passed tests for the first film, Hugo Gélin , As brothers, and ended up at the last step of the casting in the face of… Pierre Niney, has since become a friend. Terra Willy – unknown Planet trailer VF Terra Willy – unknown Planet of Eric Tosti With Timothy Vom Dorp, Edouard Baer, Marie-Eugénie Maréchal… did you know ? On the first sketches, the robot spherical Buck was white with bright orange. But a few months later, Disney unveiled BB8, the robot from the new Star Wars trilogy look similar. So the team decided to change the appearance of Buck and the dress a brilliant red. The class Struggle trailer VF the Struggle of The classes of Michel Leclerc With Leïla Bekhti, Edouard Baer Ramzy Bedia… did you know ? The scenario of The class Struggle is born out of a situation that Michel Leclerc and writer Baya Kasmi have really known. The director explains : “As Sofia and Paul, we lived in Bagnolet, during ten years, in a small house with a garden, and then our son started having problems at school, it has plunged us into a great anguish, a dilemma intimate. It was in 2015, when Charlie, at the school Jean Jaurès, where I turned The class Struggle…” J'want the sun trailer VF I want of the sun of Francis Ruffin, Gilles Perret did you know ? Three years after Thank you Boss! – who won the César for best documentary in 2017 – the director and deputy François Ruffin is back with I want the sun , a documentary on the Yellow Vests. Co-directed with Gilles Perret , who has recently directed The Untamed on Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the film focuses on the daily life of the protesters. The deputy untamed himself describes his film as “a road movie in the France of the yellow Vests”. Curiosa trailer VF Curiosa Lou Jeunet With Noémie Merlant, Niels Schneider, Benjamin Lavernhe …
Did you know ? Curiosa is inspired by the youth of Marie de Heredia (Marie de Régnier), and Pierre Louÿs, the great names of French literature of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th. “As a filmmaker, my encounter with the photographs of Marie de Regnier Pierre Louÿs reports of a lightning. I remember my emotion in discovering, among the letters and archives of Pierre Louÿs preserved in the library of the Arsenal, the photos of this young woman in the nude if modern, flashing his eyes black as if she required to become a character in a movie ! The more I read his novels, his poems, the more I became fascinated by this young woman as gifted in the things of the body than for those of the spirit. Little by little, I discovered the passion she had inspired, to Pierre Louÿs,” recalls the filmmaker Lou Jeunet .

Captain Marvel exceeds 150 million dollars in revenue for his debut at the box-office US !
Hellboy in the face of the witch Milla Jovovich, Isabelle Huppert psychopath, … The trailers don’t miss it

A tribute was paid to Rick Grimes, the ex-main character of the series, in the latest instalment of “The Walking Dead” season 9, devoted to the past of Michonne. AMC Hard to miss the tribute to Rick Grimes in episode 14 of The Walking Dead, season 9, who revealed a painful episode from the past of her companion Michonne. Pregnant with their son (born in the ellipse of six years occurred earlier this season), the latter pried the edge of the river where the late sheriff was sighted for the last time. It is then that she discovered buried in the mud his gun, which was then inherited her daughter, Judith Grimes. Attention, SPOILERS

As a reminder, Rick Grimes has been missing since his sacrifice earlier this season, when it had detonated a bridge on which stood hundreds of the undead. We know, however, that it is not death as a helicopter, called in emergency by the mysterious Past (the ex-leader of the children’s bins), had been rescued in the nick of time and transported to a destination still unknown. We know, however, that the next adventures of Rick Grimes will be in the form of a trilogy of tv-movies twilight, which, according to the words of his interpreter, Andrew Lincoln, write about “the epilogue” of the story of the character. It is not, however, forbid that the latter does not return to term in the series, and why not, for example, as soon as the next season ? In France, the episodes of the Walking Dead are offered each week in the US+24 on OCS.

Luke Perry; Jason Priestley pays tribute to his partner of Beverly Hills
Mr. Pokora will turn in a tv movie about Alzheimer’s disease for TF1